5 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Window Replacement

window replacement in Highland Park, IL

Congratulations on deciding to get window replacement in Highland Park, IL. Once you have made your selections and ordered your windows you might think the only thing left to do is wait for your installation date. That isn’t exactly true. There are a few things you can do to prepare your home for installation so it goes as quick and smooth as possible. These small efforts really can go a long way.   

Step 1. Remove Window Treatments and Wall Hangings 

As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to take down your drapes, blinds, curtains, or shutters. These applications will certainly get in the way of installation and can delay the process if not removed prior to the crew showing up. You should also consider taking down any artwork, clocks, or pictures that share a wall with the windows you intend to replace. You don’t want installers to accidentally bump or knock them off the wall while they work.   

Step 2. Clear a Walkway 

During the installation process, the workers need easy access both inside and outside of your home. Do your best to clear a walkway for them to follow, making sure there is nothing underfoot or obstructing their path. This is not just for efficiency but also safety. Also, if you have any breakables you should consider storing them until the installation is complete. And don’t just clean up inside. You also want to give the team plenty of room to move outside, since that is where the majority of the work will take place.   

Step 3. Cover Your Furniture 

The installation crew will prepare the site with some drop cloths to help minimize construction dust. That said, it can still float around and land elsewhere, especially if you are replacing multiple windows throughout your home. So you might want to drape the furniture you don’t intend to move. This will help mitigate the dust.   

Step 4. Put Your Pets Away 

Cats and dogs may not be accustomed to strangers traipsing in and out of your home and leaving the front door open. So while the workers are on site you should put your pets away. You also might think about sending smaller children to the neighbors so they are not underfoot during the installation.   

Step 5. Give the Installation Team Access 

On the day of installation, you should be present. Not only do you need to give them access to your home, but you should also verify the information on the work order to make sure there are no mistakes. And in addition to opening the door, you should also contact your security company. Let them know what is going on and they can deactivate the alarms during the installation.   

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