Common Reasons Homeowners Choose to get Replacement Windows

Getting replacement windows in Chicago, IL is a serious investment. It not only has a big impact on the appearance of the home, but also the functionality. Most do it out of necessity, but there are several other reasons why homeowners choose to take the plunge and install new windows. Here are just a few reasons we often see:  

replacement windows in Chicago, IL

Lower Utility Bills 

This is one of the leading reasons why many homeowners choose to upgrade windows. Modern window technologies improve efficiency and can help cut cooling and heating costs by up to 30%. And while it would still take a while for replacement windows to “pay for themselves” homeowners do get savings on utility bills and that will add up over time.  

Increase Home Value 

Windows are one of the things perspective home buyers notice, especially when windows are old, leaky, and outdated. Most homeowners are looking for move-in ready properties that do not require a lot of work right away. Replacement windows are one home improvement that helps the home sell faster and garners a great return on the original investment.   


Sometimes homeowners upgrade windows imply for aesthetic reasons. They no longer like the look of their old windows or they do not compliment the modern style. New windows can make a statement and update the appearance of almost any home.   

Environmental Reasons  

Most modern windows are more eco-friendly. They help reduce the need for climate control in the home. And the less often homeowners use the furnace and air conditioner, the smaller the carbon footprint. Also, modern windows made of vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass are easily recycled.   


Fogging between the windows panes is more than a simple annoyance. It means the seals on the windows have failed and the window is not as energy efficient as it should be. There is no way to repair this type of window failure. The only options are replacement windows.   

Easier Maintenance  

New windows are easy to maintain. Most frame materials only require warm water and mild detergent to keep them clean and like new. No need to sand, repaint, and repair windows every few years.   

Temperature Control 

Sun shining through windows without proper coatings can make the room feel warmer and make temperature control difficult. New windows not only have insulation, but special coatings to prevent unwanted heat gains, even during the most intense summer sunshine.   

UV Protection 

Harmful rays from the sun can also fade flooring, fabrics, artwork, and furniture. This type of damage is frustrating and costly. Modern products protect better against UV rays.   

Simple Operation 

Homeowners should not have to wrestle their windows open and closed. Not only is it a hassle, but also a safety risk in case of emergency. New windows come with ease of use. And with proper maintenance that smooth operation should last for years to come.   

Prevent Moisture Leaks 

Over time the materials on old windows break down and can develop serious leaks. Depending on the extent, water damage can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair. New windows don’t leak.   

If you are looking for replacement windows in Chicago, IL start with Scientific Home Services. Our mission is to provide the best possible products and service. Contact us at (847) 752-0370 or stop by 5639 W. Howard St. Niles, IL 60714.  

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