Effects of Cold Weather on Your Windows

Most people who live in the area are accustomed to the cold. Days get shorter, temperatures drop, and ice and snow are common. But few people understand what the cold winter can do to their windows and doors. What is worse, they do not understand the lasting impact some of these issues can have that result in the need for window replacement in Mt. Prospect, IL. These are just a few of the problems to watch for this winter season:   

window replacement in Mt. Prospect, IL

Cold Air Leaks 

When temperatures are mild, air leaks are not usually a major concern. But air leaks in the winter are different. Not only do they make your home feel uncomfortable, but also drive up the prices on your utility bills and cause unnecessary wear on your heating and cooling system. So if certain rooms in your house always feel chill no matter how high you set the thermostat, you might want to check for air leaks. You can shut all exterior doors and windows and run the exhaust fans in your home. Then pass a candle or incense stick around the windows to see if the flame or smoke pulls towards you. If so you have a leak. You can try sealing it up with caulk or weather stripping. Or you might need replacement windows.   

Heat Transfer 

Similar to air leaks, windows without updated glazing technologies and insulation lose a lot of heat in the winter. Are your windows freezing cold to the touch? Then you should think about upgrading to replacement windows with modern glazing technologies. Double pane windows with inert gas fills and low-E coatings will go a long way towards providing better insulation for your home, keeping you warm all winter.   


Icing isn’t usually a problem in newer homes, but if the circumstances are just right ice can form on the inside surfaces of window panes. There must be high humidity in the air and freezing temperatures. But ice on the glass isn’t as much of a concern as ice forming in the small gaps and cracks in the window assembly. Moisture in those small spaces will expand when it freezes. This can break window seals and cause other problems. To decrease the risk of this problem you want to make sure you are ventilating your home, especially areas with high moisture levels like the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. Use exhaust fans or open the windows a crack so moisture can escape.   

Water Damage 

Water damage is another common problem in winter. When ice melts water can leak into the frame, along the sills, or into the walls. You might notice stains, discoloration, mold, peeling paint, or clear signs of rot. Wood and old aluminum frames are especially vulnerable to moisture damage. As soon as you notice damage you should get repairs as soon as possible.   

For more information on what the winter can do to your windows contact Scientific Home Services at (847) 752-0370. Or to get a quote on window replacement in Mt. Prospect, IL visit our location at 5639 W. Howard St. Niles, IL 60714. One of our experts will help you find the best solutions for new windows in your home.  

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