How to Prevent Mold on Your Windows

window repair in Mt. Prospect, ILMold on your window sills is more than just unsightly. It indicates a window leak and if it gets out of and can be hazardous to your health. That is why spotting it early and getting window repair in Mt. Prospect, IL is so important. That way you can correct the issue and prevent it from happening entirely. Here are the best ways to remove mold from your window sills and stop it from happening.   

Removing Mold from Wood Windows 

When it comes to getting rid of mold, time is of the essence. If you ignore it, simply hoping it will go away with time, the mold can spread. To clean mold you need water, dish soap, bleach, a brush, and a dry cloth. If mold is extensive you might also want gloves, a face mask, protective eyewear, and a plastic scraper.   

First, mist water from a spray bottle over the mold to soak it so it doesn’t release spores while you clean. Then mix the dish soap with warm water and clean the sills with the soft brush. This will start to loosen the mold. If it doesn’t come up, try using the plastic putty knife. Once you remove the mold follow it up by applying a solution of bleach and water. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with water and dry with a towel. Then open the windows and let the sill air dry. You might have to sand and repaint the sills once you remove mold and stains.   

Preventing Mold on Window Sills 

Mold removal is only half the battle. To fully succeed you want to stop mold growth from happening again. This means you need to control the moisture levels in your home. Open windows for more air flow. Use ceiling fans to improve circulation. Switch out the exhaust vents in the kitchen and bathroom with ones that may be more powerful. If you have an aquarium or potted plants by your window creating humidity, move them to a different location. Fresh air can make a world of difference.   

Unfortunately, humidity isn’t the only thing that leads to mold growth. It can also come from condensation and leaks from inefficient windows. Most windows only last about 20 years and over time the seals start to break down. When this happens heat and moisture exchanges more freely through the cracks and between the panes. There is some window repair you can try to reseal the windows. But if leaks are bad enough you might have to get window replacement.   

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