Prepare your Home for Winter in Chicago

replacement windows in Chicago, IL

With the lake effect and wind chill, Chicago winters are some of the coldest in the nation. As locals, you can expect icy streets, the risk of frozen pipes, and digging yourself out from at least one snowfall. These conditions can wreak havoc on your home and leave you facing a number of serious problems if you are not prepared. But this winter does not have to be miserable. Now is the time to get ready. From preparing your yard to getting replacement windows in Chicago, IL, here are a few things you should do to protect your home this winter:  

Check your Landscape 

Before the first snowfall, you want to make sure you trim back any low hanging bows that might break off in winter and damage your roof or smash a window. You also want to make sure you add an extra layer of mulch to your flower beds for protection and insulation. These steps in the fall will help you get a jump on your landscaping in the spring.   

Protect Outdoor Irrigation 

Another item to check off this list is blowing out your automatic sprinkler system, undoing all the hoses, and insulating your hose bibs. Otherwise, these lines can freeze and rupture, causing floods in your yard and basement.   

Inspect and Clear your Gutters 

Next, you want to climb up on the ladder and clear your gutters. Removing leaves and debris is important so gutters can move water away from your home and foundation. You also want to make sure all of the brackets are securely attached so they can handle the accumulation of snow and ice.   

Check for Roof Leaks 

Another good idea is to check the upper levels and attic of your home for roof leaks. Make sure all shingles are securely in place and look for any discoloration or peeling paint that might indicate a leak. Otherwise, you could have a lot of expensive work to do on your roof come spring.   

Seal Your Driveway 

Winter is harsh on a lot of the exterior elements of your home, especially your driveway. Think of the damage caused by water, ice, salt, and scraping. This is why it is important to seal your driveway every couple of years. It will protect against the ice and snow, and help your cement last longer.   

Tune Up Your HVAC System 

If you haven’t had your furnace checked yet, it isn’t too late. Even if everything seems to be running fine you should get your HVAC system checked and tuned up every year. This will reduce your risk of emergency breakdowns and prolong the life of your heating and cooling. While you are at it, you should replace your air filters to prepare for the busy season ahead.   

Winterize Windows and Doors 

Using an incense stick you can check your windows and doors for air leaks. Simply close all the exterior doors in your home, run all the exhaust fans, and pass a lighted incense stick slowly around the window and door frames. If you notice the smoke pulling towards you in certain areas you might need to add weather stripping or caulk for added protection. And if your windows are warped or damaged, you will want to get replacement windows as soon as possible.   

If you are interested in getting replacement windows in Chicago, IL contact Scientific Home Services at (847) 752-0370. Our experts have ways of installing new windows during any season and take precautions to protect your home. For a free, no-pressure quote stop by 5639 W. Howard St. Niles, IL 60714.  

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