Window Trends: Single and Double Hung Windows

Choosing new windows in Evanston, IL can be a complicated process. There are so many features and options to consider. How do you know you are choosing the right windows for your home? It starts with understanding the unique function and operation of different window styles. Here is some helpful information you should know about single hung and double hung windows.   

windows in Evanston, ILWhat are Single Hung and Double Hung Windows 

These windows are some of the most iconic, and what most people picture when thinking about a window. From a distance, both single hung and double hung windows look identical, but in fact, they are a bit different. A single hung window features one operable sash that slides up and down over a fixed sash. On double hung windows both sashes can move up and down.    

Advantages of Single and Double Hung Windows 

These are a few of the benefits you get when you choose these window styles:  

Simple Operation 

These windows slide easily up and down on a system of weights and balances. You should be able to open and close them with just one hand. They also close and latch securely.   

Easy Cleaning 

Single hung windows are not as easy to clean, because you will still need to access the fixed panel from the outside. But double hung windows often come with a tilt-in feature. This allows you to reach all the glass surfaces without having to step outside.   


Both window styles are operable. But many homeowners prefer the versatility of double hung windows. Because both panels move you can open the bottom, open the top, or open both. This creates natural circulation by allowing cold air to come in through the bottom and pushes warmer air out the top.   


These are a good mid-range product. Single hung windows are a little cheaper than double hung windows, but both are reasonably priced and offer you a great value.   

Disadvantages of Single and Double Hung Windows 

Along with the benefits come a few drawbacks, including:  


These windows do feature more operable parts and systems. If something breaks down it can be difficult to find the right fix without professional help.   


These windows do help insulate your home, but they also feature some breaks in the assembly. That is how they operate. But it also means there are more places where air leaks can occur. So compared to some other window styles single and double hung windows are not as airtight.    

Where Should I Install Single and Double Hung Windows?  

These windows can work well in almost any room. You can install them in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. They are great as a stand-alone. But a lot of homeowners also pair these windows as part of a larger window installation.   

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