Installation Helpful Hints

A few hints for a successful window installation in your Chicago, IL homes:


We try to schedule your installation with efficiency of your time in mind. If you must reschedule please give us 48 hours advance notice. Our voice mail is monitored throughout the evening for messages.


Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather and will appreciate your understanding if it doesn’t cooperate. High winds and ladders don’t mix where crew safety is concerned. In addition, large volumes of rain or snow may cause a delay due to problems with caulk and dirt being carried into your home or business. We will notify you early in the morning or the day before if the weather is going to cause a delay.  We are able to work during days of on and off rain.  We use a caulk similar to that used on fish tanks so it’s very suitable for wet surfaces.


Your windows were custom made, using very precise measurements and manufacturing equipment. A gap around the new window is typical to allow the window to be squared into the opening and for expansion. This gap will be filled with insulation and caulk. The final step will be to replace your trim, making the window airtight.


The safety of your possessions is very important to us. Please remove all items from the immediate area around the window. This includes curtains, shades, blinds, lamps, pictures or any other valuables or breakables. Furniture should be moved away from the window area and/or covered as this will help expedite the installation. If you need assistance with any furniture, please don’t hesitate to ask your installer.

We are not liable for white or beige linen drapes if they are left up or you ask us to remove them.


We will use drop cloths inside to control the dust and try to protect your carpet and furniture. However, some dust may travel through the air, so please cover and/or remove any objects that could be damaged by this. After the installation there may be small particles of wood, drywall or glass that could be missed by the installation crew, so we suggest you vacuum again before walking without shoes.


We are confident that we have the most professional and trustworthy installation crews. We are bonded and insured for your protection and peace of mind. However, if you are concerned about a particular item, please place it in a safe area.


Unless you have made other arrangements, we consider that all work is done on a C.O.D. basis. Payment is due upon completion of the job and should be given to the installer. If you have furnished a credit card for a deposit, it will be charged for the balance due five days after the job was installed unless prior arrangements have been made.


Items requiring service should be confirmed with the installer before they leave the job. Please remind them to call the office to set up any service work to be done on your punch list.


Although our installers strive to be as careful as possible, accidents can happen to anyone. Any damage caused by our installation crew should be reported to our office immediately. Please call us or email us at


Please notify our office prior to your installation at 847-752-0370×5 or if you have an active alarm system.  For wireless systems with window contacts, we will remove the contacts and battery modules and leave them on the window sills.  If you have a wired system, we will leave the wires protruding through the trim of the windows.  In both cases, we recommend your alarm company reinstall the contacts onto the new windows.


When we install your windows, we try to use the finest materials available. We have recently switched to a low VOC neutral cure silicone which emits very little chemical smell.  This caulk will be used on all windows when the exterior is white, beige, bronze or black.

If you have a different color exterior, this caulk is not available and the caulk that is available will have a slight odor for 24-48 hours.  The chemicals are not harmful.

On the interior, we use a fast drying latex-silicone caulk.  If we hang your blinds back up, we encourage you to wait 12-18 hours to lower the blinds so you don’t get the caulk on your blinds.  If you do lower the blinds just be very careful.

Thank you.

Scientific Home Services Ltd

Mark Brottman & Jon Koloms